App-y Days

Staying sane in 2020 has been a tough task for us all, but thanks to the brilliance of modern day technology, we have an abundance of killer apps at the tips of our fingers that have helped us through this year. 

From running to baking, to learning new languages or playing instruments, creativity is our life blood and we weren’t about to let a worldwide pandemic bring us down. 

In celebration of World App Day (we know, another ‘day’ but this is one we can totally get on board with), we wanted to share a roundup of the apps that have kept the Fever gang ‘hAPPy’ (sorry) in this crazy year. 


“Who knows what would have happened if the now global phenomenon of TikTok hadn’t entered our lives before Lockdown 1.0. We might have escaped the wrath of 14 year old Gen Zers, “millennials have RUINED TikTok”, but we would have certainly missed out on a lot of fun and fitness, with viral dancing trends and lip syncing challenges.”

Joe, Senior Account Executive, king of viral


“I’ve found the sleep stories are perfect for helping me unwind and have a more restful sleep.”

Hannah, Director, relaxation wizard


“Be running up that road,

Be running up that hill,

Be running up that building.

If I only could, oh”

Simon, Director, almost-pro runner

Courtney Black Fitness

“A fitness app with a new video every day, it’s always something different! Exercising at home can get so boring and repetitive so I find it so handy – plus it always makes me laugh during Muay Thai when she says “Kick Corona” or “Kick your ex-boyfriend”.”

Yla, Account Manager, trend setter

Fender Play

“When I heard the guitar giant was offering 3 MONTHS FREE on their learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele, it was time to make my childhood dreams of superstardom a reality. With super short videos and loads of songs available to learn, it was the perfect way to de-stress and channel my inner T Swift during lockdown.”

Molly, Senior Account Executive, rock n roll enthusiast

Fantasy Premier League

“It was so good to stay connected and competitive with mates throughout lockdown, always causing havoc on our Whatsapp group!”

Rob, Creative Producer, football fanatic


I downloaded the app during lockdown when it was made free, and became such a convert I now have a Peloton bike, Peloton waterbottle and Peloton t-shirt. I now spin with my #pele community, bore everyone who stands still long enough (socially distanced of course) about my love for it, and am a complete Team Cody obsessive.”

Abbie, Director and wannabe Spin instructor


“There’s so much gripping drama to watch from my phone. Some of my favourites to watch recently have been The Undoing, Chernobyl and Gangs of London. I also love Sky Crime because I get so gripped in the ‘whodunnit’ aspect.”

Claudia, Account Executive, true crime aficionado


“When schools were closed Robolox was an absolute lifesaver for entertaining my daughter (and preserving my sanity!)”

Gabriella, Director, home-schooling expert

The Athletic

“As someone who loves to read about sport, The Athletic’s (subscription sports journalism website) app is a really easy way to enjoy the site’s great selection of stories about sports from all over the world including a really decent selection of long reads about topics you didn’t know you cared about.”

Will, Creative Director, loves pubs and football


“At the tender ages of 38 (yes I am THAT old) I have just discovered I am shit at money control and Yolt tells me how much dollar I am spending on Amazon and ASOS in recoil.”

Sarah, Sales and New Business Manager, not old


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