Be Provocative They Said

Our very own Creative powerhouse, Jo Chappel was asked her opinion on the ‘Be A Lady They Said’ and she really didn’t hold back…

Two weeks out from International Women’s Day and the same day Harvey Weinstein was sentenced, the film “Be a Lady They Said” was given a low-key “we’ll just leave it here and see what happens” release on social media.

A week later and it has been seen by more than 20 million people, including Madonna, my mum, four of my WhatsApp groups and my three-year-old son who loves the soundtrack.

Photographer Claire Rothstein is behind the film. She is also the founder of Girls. Girls. Girls – a glossy high-fashion magazine which aims to “bring back a time when women in fashion were all about the polish, the luxury and the total fantasy.”

The magazine has form when it comes to provoking extreme reactions.

The December 2018 front cover featured Rachel McAdams resplendent and unflinching draped in Bulgari diamonds, Versace and a double breast pump (possibly by Medela) – an image many women thanked them for (though few would risk a milk leak on their Versace bra).

With ‘Be A Lady’ Girls. Girls. Girls goes one skyscraper stiletto further…

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