Encouraging people to ‘ditch’ their mobile network with Sky Mobile

The brief

Sky Mobile wanted to highlight ‘Text-to-Switch’, a service that allows anyone to switch their mobile network simply by sending a text.

The distraction

Smartphone users often stay on long-term contracts and end up getting an increasingly bad deal from their network over time. With switching seen as a hassle, UK regular Ofcom launched the Text-to-Switch’ service – allowing any phone user to get all the information they need to change networks by sending a text (rather than phoning their provider and negotiating over the phone).

How did we make our audience care?

We made ‘Text-to-Switch’ an opportunity to engage with an audience who put off changing networks in a unique way they would remember.

For our creative hook, we tapped into a parallel between mobile contracts and relationships – the fact most people put off ending both, and they can both be ended over text. Our insights also showed our audience over indexed massively on streaming TV and watching reality TV shows, which gave is an idea for a creative spin on a popular TV show.

We created the ‘Text-to-Ditch’ service, allowing people stuck in a relationship to a text a few details to Sky Mobile and get a tailored ‘break-up text written for them by non-other than First Dates’ Fred Sirieix.

Our Text-to-Ditch launch was supported with research into how many people find it hard to break-up with partners, and how many found themselves stuck in relationships during the 2020 lockdown.

Working with Fred, we held a shoot to capture campaign imagery, hosted a series of interviews and worked with him to announce the service to his 670,000+ followers on social with grid posts and Stories.

The action

  • 15 pieces of coverage, including 12 national hits with Metro, MailOnline, Mirror, Express, Daily Star, Ladbible and Bustle

  • Over 384million editorial reach

  • Social reach of 200,000

  • Over 3,000 comments on social

  • More than 1,000 people texted in to use the service

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