FCOH Thanks Plants

The brief

Bring the Flower Council of Holland’s new ATL campaign to life by driving awareness of the wellbeing benefits of houseplants amongst a target audience of millennial design mavens.

The distraction

Houseplants are seriously hot. Sales are growing year on year; Instagram is overgrown with #plantparenthood pictures and lifestyle media regularly covers stories on plants – from trends to tips. Which should make our job easy, right? The challenge was that the now not-so-humble houseplant was everywhere, and we didn’t have anything new to say about its much-documented benefits.

How did we make our audience care?

Our approach was to use audience insights to uncover a traditionally ‘houseplant free’ space they are inspired by. To reframe the benefits of plants within a new context and dramatize them to the full – giving us fresh media angles taking into account the time of year and media agenda.

We landed on the creatively fertile area of transforming hotel suites into houseplant havens…but we needed a reason why. Our campaign had to dovetail with the ATL in October so we used the clocks going back as a hook. We commissioned research to identify that people spend just 17 minutes in nature per day during Winter, making two thirds feel stressed. With the AE audience predominantly living in cities – and the majority in rented accommodation – using houseplants to bring nature into the heart of the concrete jungle and make even the most transient space feel like home provided an antidote to this issue.

In collaboration with design hotel Leman Locke, we created the UK’s first ‘Houseplant Hotel Suites’ – collaborating with three renowned botanical designers to transform three hotel suites into lush indoor jungles that could be rented by members of the public to enjoy.

Dubbed by The Daily Telegraph as “amazing to really show how houseplants can bring a place to life” each of the suites celebrated the myriad benefits of houseplants.

Watch our campaign summary here.

The action

  • Delivered a PR reach of over 51 million from over 40 pieces of coverage in titles the target audience over-index in. Every single piece extolled the wellbeing benefits of houseplants in line with the ATL – the number one objective of the campaign.

  • Stand-out pieces of coverage included a three-page feature in Stylist on the benefits of houseplants, a first-person feature by the Evening Standard’s Sam Fishwick writing about his ‘best night’s sleep’ night in the suite and how “the humble houseplant is much more than a decorative object”.

  • Compared to a previous campaign, our content delivered a 42% increase in people reached and a 116% increase in the number of video views. Our social content drove 2.6 million impressions and the videos alone delivered over one million video views at a cost per result of £0.01

  • Overall, we reduced the average cost per result for Thejoyofplants.co.uk paid social content by 54% from £0.11 to £0.05

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