Now – ZeroZeroZero

The brief

NOW TV tasked us to launch new drama mini-series ZeroZeroZero, getting widespread attention for the show’s TX and box set drop.

The distraction

Mid-way through a third national lockdown and there couldn’t be any more competition for top quality drama and content to watch with all our competitors pumping out new shows on a weekly basis.

How did we make our audience care?

Based on the book by the same name, Roberto Saviano’s ZeroZeroZero shows the devastating scale and impact of cocaine trafficking around the world – but particularly in Europe and the lengths buyers, sellers and traders go to for the goods.

Looking at research from King’s College London we identified London as the highest cocaine consuming city in Europe at 23kg per day, more than the next three cities combined – Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Taking these shocking statistics, we partnered with artist, Nathan Wyburn, to creatively visualise them as a map of the world made using 161kg of triple zero flour – equating to London’s weekly consumption of the drug.

On a striking red background, the artwork was installed overlooked by the London City skyline in Greenwich and four gigantic peaks towered over the rest of the world highlighting the highest consuming European cities.

The map also featured shipping lines for the most common smuggling routes from South America into Europe and cargo ships to reflect that 77% of cocaine is smuggled in via sea.

The result was an impactful photo and video moment that swept up national coverage.

The action

  • 32 pieces of coverage including 9 national hits in The Guardian, Independent, Mirror, Sun, Express, Daily Star, Variety and New York Times

  • Editorial reach of 1,134,755,363

  • 98 brand mentions across all articles

  • 48% of media included branded imagery or video

  • A third of coverage drove consumers to NOW TV’s charity partner, The Mix, for support and guidance

  • Branded assets created for NOW TV’s socials clocked up 145,000 views on Facebook

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