Sky Broadband Buddy

The brief

We were briefed to launch Sky Broadband Buddy, a new set of parental controls introduced by Sky Broadband as part of it’s Boost package to help families manage their internet use in a way that worked best for them.

The distraction

It was key to the campaign that we focused on empowering families to make the internet work best for them rather than doing anything that could be seen as judgemental or scaremongering. Internet safety is something we knew many families were concerned about and it was critical that Buddy was seen as a helpful and flexible tool. Highlighting the simplicity and ease of use of Buddy was also key.

How did we make our audience care?

To cut through the noise and discussion around internet safety, we focused on creating a simple story that was easy to understand, and articulated the benefits of Buddy clearly, heroing the feature that allowed users to ‘pause the internet’.

We also partnered with Internet Matters to add additional credibility to the proposition launch and to support with tips on how to best talk as a family about internet safety.

Finally we created a launch strategy that focused on driving demonstration of the product as well as engaging people we knew would influence the key target audience of families.

The action

We hosted media in a home-based environment to really showcase the service in the setting it was designed for, taking over a central London property and using it as a family home. Top tier consumer affairs and technology national journalists, and key consumer lifestyle media were then invited down for a demonstration and to trial the products for themselves.

We also worked with Sky’s influencer team on a parenting influencer programme, hosting a talk with Sky and Internet Matters at exclusive family private member’s club, Maggie & Rose where the parenting influencer community was encouraged to come and discuss their own experiences of internet safety and management whilst finding out about Sky Broadband Buddy.

  • Blanket national coverage and consumer technology coverage on the day the product launched

  • 100% of coverage used our core ‘pause the internet’ message

  • Coverage was positive and highlighted the simplicity and ease of Buddy  – summed up nicely by this quote from Forbes stating Buddy was a ‘a strikingly simple and effective solution to keeping tabs on tech-savvy children on the internet.

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