The Rising

The brief

Sky asked us to launch a new drama mini-series, The Rising in order to get widespread attention ahead of the show’s TX date.

The distraction

The TX date of the show coincided with an extremely busy news period packed full of newsworthy events, including the Queen’s birthday. In such a saturated media landscape, we knew it was going to be harder than ever to earn attention for the launch of a brand new show with a largely unknown cast.

How did we make our audience care?

In order to create a bold campaign that would drive talkability around a brand-new show with unknown actors, we created a holographic stunt which appeared as a ghostly apparition in the Lake District.

Working alongside Kaleida, the same company who developed the much talked about Robert Kardashian hologram, we created a visually stunning image capturing a key moment in the series when Neve Kelly, the show’s protagonist, emerges from the lake after discovering she has been murdered.

Additionally, we commissioned national research revealing stats that tied back to the show’s premise. Stats included things such as ‘more than 7.5 million adults across the UK feel they are “being guided through life” by a deceased loved one and two-thirds of those people (63%) believing they have been given signals or signs from someone who has passed away.’

The result was an impactful photo and video moment (alongside support stats) that swept up national coverage.


The action

  • Coverage achieved exceeded our original KPI by over 400%

  • 80 pieces of coverage with a total reach of over 570 million

  • 12 national pieces including Evening Standard, Daily Express, Daily Star, Mirror and The Sun

  • 94 % of coverage included a stunt image, campaign mention or video content

  • 100% of coverage including Sky Max / Now mention

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