Using social to shift perception & drive sales of Black Tower wine


Black Tower were facing challenging conditions in the UK market, with a combination of low brand awareness and poor perception, and limited product availability taking its toll. In addition to this, their social community had been built using competition-based mechanics that resulted in a low-quality fan-base who were not invested in Black Tower wines.

We used the extensive market and consumer research Black Tower had done to build a PR and social strategy that was tailored to address these various challenges. We gave the brand a creative overhaul across its social channels, partnered with a base of passionate micro-influencers, took Black Tower out of the confines of the trade press, and sampled up and down the country.

This was combined with a paid social plan that precisely matched parts of the range with the demographics and geographies the market research had pinpointed as opportunities for growth.

  • A combination of smart targeting, strong content and earned influencer partnerships helped us reach 3m+ existing and potential customers

  • Our social content delivered engagement rates 9x stronger than bigger competing brands like Jacob’s Creek

  • 49 pieces of mainstream consumer media coverage for a brand that had traditionally been confined to trade publications.

  • All of this attributed to sales performance that outstripped forecast in the face of challenging market conditions.

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