Fever Presents – The Vampire Diaries Bad Boy

It’s a hard day in the office when you get the chance to chat to a seriously hot star of a seriously hot TV show…isn’t it?! Well, you can only imagine the excitement at Fever HQ last week when we had the chance to do just that. Cue, Joseph Morgan. The newcomer on the block in smash hit TV series, The Vampire Diaries, and star of Greek-God-like epic, Immortals.

With The Vampire Diaries; Season 3 back on ITV2 this coming Tuesday and already available in the UK on iTunes, it was time to ensure the coverage rolled in and British boy Joseph was just the man.

A couple of hours of back–to-back interviews were lined up with leading national and entertainment media and thanks to his charming nature (swoon!) and (did we already say it?) HOT face, the interviews have resulted in around 120 piece of coverage in just a few days.

Check out some of the great hits which appeared across key entertainment and celeb sites Yahoo OMG!, MSN, MyBliss, and a range of regionals – including this piece on Belfast Telegraph – thanks to the interview with Press Association. Look out for The Daily Star Sunday and Sugarscape still to come.


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