IWD 2024: The Women inspiring Fever this year

Here are just *some* of the women inspiring the Fever team in 2024.

Yes, Raye won six BRIT Awards in just 50 minutes at the 2024 ceremony, not only beating the amount ever won on a single night (Hi Adele and Harry Styles), but matching the career records of Oasis and David Bowie. But that’s not why she’s on our list this year. She’s here because she is a true example of what can happen when women fight, battle and take on power to reclaim their story – going head-to-head with the big record labels, galvanising her fans and the music industry, and truly standing up for herself, and her talent.

Frida Kahlo
Frida seemed like a spirited and bold character who dared to defy societal norms, empowering others to embrace their own unique identities and experiences. She’s inspired generations of women to embrace their individuality and fight for their rights – an icon.

Jess Phillips MP
A principled MP (rare) with a sense of humour (arguably even rarer). For the past nine years, Phillips has read a list of women killed by men or where a man is the principal suspect in parliament. Depressingly, she often reads this to a near-empty house – suggesting how low on the list of priorities protecting women women’s safety is with the political ‘elite’.

Samantha Morton
An incredible actor who fully deserved her BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award. She’s inspired us in so many films, but inspired us even more with her speech at the awards, representing and showing young people in care that they can achieve.

“You matter, don’t give up, the stories we tell, they have the power to change people’s lives.”

Gloria Daniel
Propelled by her ancestral legacy, Gloria Daniel founded TTEACH Plaques Project (Transatlantic Trafficked Enslaved African Corrective Historical Plaques Project) to challenge British systemic injustices. The Project calls for institutions, including Cathedrals, Churches, and Universities, who historically, and currently honour individuals who profited from the slave trade. Taking cues from English Heritage blue plaques, Gloria draws from her background in ceramics design and production to create the ‘black plaques’, marking the incontrovertible links between the institutions built from profits from the slave economy. By making what has previously been supressed from history now starkly visible Gloria’s work is challenging and vital.

3 women sitting on red carpet

Women we know
Inspiration doesn’t have to come from the famous or well-known faces. We know and work with so many women who are inspiring: the mums, friends, daughters, colleagues who have written books, are leaders in their fields, have overcome adversity and stand up for what they believe in. At Fever, we’re lucky enough to work with them every day.


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