Movers & Shakers in Consumer Tech

Over the past few years, social media and video sharing platforms have bypassed the gatekeepers of traditional media. Now anyone can create their very own channel, with the freedom to develop and share homegrown content with a global audience. This democratisation is not without its pitfalls, but authentic content used in the right way has an unmatched ability to generate interest, start conversation and affect behaviour.

The speed of change and variety of choice in technology means consumers have always relied on reviews and recommendations from those in the know. And there’s now a new breed of experts clocking hundreds of millions of views around the world.

While the debate about the merits of social influencers versus traditional media will no doubt rumble on, no well-considered PR strategy can afford to overlook the potential of this new generation of consumer tech superstars.

Here are a handful of people we think you should be watching…


Tomi Adebayo has become one of the UK’s most influential tech experts. With over 10 years’ experience in the tech and advertising industry, Tomi knows UK tech fans as well as anyone and is a pro at creating compelling branded content across multiple platforms.


Elz works in tech and produces witty videos about her great passion – games – although there’s also great content on her channel about platforms and consoles. After just two years she’s already rubbing shoulders with the UK YouTube elite, and she’s also a big name on Instagram and Twitter, with 164k and 43k subs respectively.

The Tech Chap

In a relatively short time, Tom Honeyands has transformed a passion for tech and gadgets into millions of views and over 50k followers on Instagram. Formerly of Trusted Reviews, Tom is renowned for in-depth reviews and well-considered sponsored activity.

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