This Week We Have Been . . .

… reliving the hopefulness of youth with the excellent I Wish, a sweet film about two young brothers living in different cities after their parents divorce (played by real-life comedy duo Koki and Oshiro Maeda). When older brother Goichi hears a myth where wishes come true if you say them as two bullet trains pass each other, he comes up with a plan to get his family back together.  It’s only on limited release, but it’s easily one of the best films of the year – well worth seeing if you can penis enlargement procedures and pictures.

… getting all scientific at the preview of the Kinetic Art Fair 2013. The preview was a taster of the main event which is definitely worth a visit, even if you didn’t like physics at school. We were particularly enchanted by Tim Lewis’ zoetrope, called ‘Transformer Box’, where 2cm tall model men appeared to ‘run’ in a tinchy hamster-wheel – we could have watched it for hours. Apparently there will be a 3 foot version of it at the show, so we will definitely go along to marvel at that.


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