What’s Hot? 07/05

This week, we’re taking at look at Clubhouse’s creator programme, heading to IKEA, subscribing to the Cambridges and wondering if the Girl with a Pearl Earring is the next face of Givenchy…

Join the Creator Club

New kid on the block Clubhouse is trying to prove that it’s just as relevant as its older rivals by launching a Creator First accelerator programme. Creator programmes have been a hot topic over the past year, with the likes of YouTube, Instagram and TikTok launching/improving theirs. Since it’s still pretty much in its infancy, it’s amazing Clubhouse has decided to invest in this – but we suppose it had to, to keep up with the big boys.

The programme asks creators to nominate themselves for funding to develop their Clubs and rooms, and currently 50 proposals are shortlisted, entering the ‘Pilot season’ (Clubhouse is SO LA, you know). From the global top 50, 20 will be selected to receive equipment, development support and brand sponsorship opportunities.

Ikea’s at it again

Ikea, the nation’s sweetheart, launched its buy-back scheme this week. It’s (yet another) fantastic move from Ikea over the past year, allowing customers to return products in good enough condition to re-sell, for a percentage of the price. Ikea offers an online calculator so you can check the value of your goods, handy to use before you strap your desk to the roof of your car only to show up and find out it’s worth £7.99.

It’s a great example of circular consumption, and with Ikea being such a universally trusted brand, you can buy second-hand items without worrying about their sturdiness or history – in some stores, items will even have a little label explaining their history. I’m imagining it as cross between a personal statement and a hinge profile.

If the word “Ikea” just makes you think of Swedish meatballs, I implore you to read this 1843 article on the brand’s role in the globalisation of the dish, and it’s origin. You might be surprised to find that the source is pretty close to home. There’s a reason it’s the nation’s sweetheart, I suppose.

The one to subscribe to: The Cambridges

“Hey guys it’s me, Will! You’re going to love this video – yesterday I attempted to go a whole day spending just £1, to see how far I could get! Luckily, I was recognised almost everywhere and received a free breakfast, lunch, and seven-course tasting meal for dinner. Back at home, Kate received her latest Shein haul – look out for that later today and don’t forget to subscribe!”

It yet another attempt to Modernise The Monarchy, The Cambridges have launched their own YouTube channel. Considering we already have Meghan and Harry on Netflix, it makes sense that Kate and Will wanted an engaging platform to interact with their fans/subjects (yikes, what a thought). If they really wanted to be modern, they would have created a TikTok – we know a cop out when we see one.

Memes 2.0

It’s always fun when a meme resurfaces, because you just know it would have aged like fine wine. The meme in question this week? Givenchy’s pre-reveal of the “new face of Givenchy”, with Ariana Grande’s silhouette (it’s the two year anniversary on Sunday).

At the time, the post was absolutely rinsed due to the fact tit could be literally no one else. This year? A new tact. Finding everyone possible it could be, including Kim Woodburn, Justine Littlewood, and (my favourite) the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice there are only FOUR ‘happenings’ in WHAT’S HOT this week. This is not because it has been a deeply boring week but because we are extremely busy trying to book tickets to all the IN REAL LIFE events coming up. So, I guess you could say the fifth Hot Item is galleries, exhibitions and gigs slowly coming back. And isn’t that something for us all to be happy about?


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