When Hell is Full . . . The Dead Will Run Around East London

If a few of us are looking a little un-dead this morning, you might want to blame last night’s awesome Fever social…



In what was probably the most nervously anticipated night in our calendar this year, we prepped ourselves for the zombie apocalypse – 2.8 Hours Later combines a live horror experience, immersive theatre, night time orienteering – and lots and lots of running.

Safe City

Split into groups of 5-6 ‘survivors’, we were tasked with trying to find a way into Safe City. Meeting a range of characters in real-life locations such as government buildings, abandoned car parks and creepy alleyways, we were given coordinates and a name for our next location – with hoards of zombies to avoid along the way. And yes, they’re the screaming, angry, running ones from 28 Days Later rather than the classic shufflers from Night of the Living Dead.

Infected Hannah

Those that made it to the safe zone were rewarded with a Zombie Disco (and the best burgers ever from Original Fry Up Material). Those that got infected along the way – and failed quarantine – well, they got admitted to the disco too, albeit in zombie make up and lots of fake blood.

We may have lost a few colleagues along the way to the infected, but it was worth it. Best. Night. Ever.

Best burgers ever

Zombie Bar

Infected v Survivors


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