365 days of WTF and WFH

It’s been a year since Boris told us all to STAY AT HOME (unless you needed to check your eyesight in which case, I seem to recall the directive was DRIVE TO A CASTLE.). When we shut our doors and headed home for what we thought would be max a couple of weeks (the writer of this post still has three pairs of shoes, two coats and an emergency pitch top sat in Soho).

And as we all pause to reflect on the last year, we thought we would share some of our professional highs and lows. Our ‘pivots’ and our ‘new normals’ (sidenote; can you get a vaccine for expressions? Asking for a friend…), and the moments we just wished we could all be together.

“My professional highlight has to be being able to work smoothly with clients and colleagues who I’ve never met! I had three days in the office so met most of my immediate client teams, but people like the designers and ALL of my clients I had to get to know over email and video call, which was initially super daunting but now feels weirdly normal. It’ll be even stranger meeting them in real life and realising they’re taller/shorter than I thought.”

  • Yla, Social & Influencer Manager

“There’s not one specific thing, but I am amazed at the work we’ve delivered as an agency during lockdown and in particular from the social team – two of whom started as lockdown began or shortly after and still managed to integrate with teams, get to know clients and plan and activate creator-led campaigns and create social content in the most restrictive of circumstances. On a separate note, I had no idea I would miss the commute as much as I do. Even with smartphones and 5G, it does ease you into the day a lot better than a stumble 20 feet from bedroom to living room/home office. I do however, fully expect to scoff at my foolish lockdown self for saying this when things go back to near normal.”

  • Simon, Director

“I’m really proud of how we turned our Brassic CBD Kebab campaign for NOW from a food truck tour in London and Manchester to a purely digital activation. It was right at the beginning of lockdown and so navigating that whilst moving to working from home was pretty punchy. Pitching and not being able to see people’s faces when you’re pitching / read a room has however been something I found particularly hard. On a positive note, I love the extra time in bed but I do miss a bit of a commute although it is quite nice sometimes to finish work and then walk 3ft to the sofa”

  • Charlotte, Account Director

The way the team have managed to continue with the day job in amongst everything blows my mind on a daily basis. From organising virtual media meets to keep relations ticking over, to getting cut through in this crazy busy news agenda, and planning for three different scenarios for campaigns, they have been nothing short of phenomenal. Like many, I have found new business one of the biggest challenges to navigate, but, glass half full, it’s challenged us to get better and think differently. What I miss most is those in office moments when the whole team gets behind something, celebrating a client win or an awesome bit of coverage – that energy is hard to get virtually. And finally, once all of this is over I hope never to see my face looming back at me on as screen.”

  • Abbie, Director

“I definitely miss the office banter and those belly-aching laugh out loud moments. But it’s been amazing how everyone has adapted and supported each other. So many new faces and new starters haven’t even stepped foot inside the office or met colleagues in person – and we all still have a real sense of team and togetherness thanks to technology.”

  • Lucinda, Director

“The last 365 days has taught me the love of memes, the sheer speed of people’s ability to react so creatively never fails to impress me. The other thing, on a more personal level, is the time with my children. Without the commute I can do drop off and pick up and still have enough time to play the mum role, bath them and put them to bed without feeling I am missing out.”

  • Sarah, New Business Director


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