A day in the life of the work experience guy! A post by Greg Collins

On Monday the 8th of October I walked through the doors of Fever for three weeks of work experience to try and ascertain if PR might be a career for me…or not. Three weeks turned into five, then five weeks turned into eleven, which ultimately led to them gaining another full time employee and me with a swanky new job as PR Account Assistant.

My eleven weeks with Fever so far have honestly been amazing. I couldn’t recommend enrolling in work experience enough for anyone thinking about getting into a career in PR, whether they’re straight out of college or university or, like me, tried their hand first at other things. It may not be the job for you, but until you give it a go you can’t really say either way.

Fortunately for me I loved it and relished all the opportunities Fever gave me and there were plenty of them. A quote from one work experience girl who was with us for only a week: “it’s brilliant they actually get you to do stuff here”. I can only assume that most work experience isn’t quite a glamorous as mine was; trips up to Manchester with the Batmobile, dance classes in Pineapple Studios and going round dressed as TED for the day. So I thought I would write a quick summary on my 11 weeks to give an insight into what you could get up to when on work experience at Fever.

In mid-November I was summoned to Pineapple Dance Studios to accompany Elliot from Shout magazine, who was in town to be given a dance class Step Up Style, to launch Step Up 4 on DVD. Unfortunately (for you all) I left my leotard at home on that what stores sell electronic cigarettes occasion so I left the dancing up to the experts and Elliot.

To celebrate the launch of The Dark Knight Rises in December, I flew up to Manchester Trafford Centre with some of the special effects team from the film, to meet a very special guest awaiting our arrival…the actual Batmobile! Next stop, Leeds and a day out with Batman’s bike, the Bat Pod.

In my second to last week of work experience I got a taste of everything that goes into a large scale PR stunt as Fever launched a 50ft inflatable rubber duck along the Thames to celebrate the launch of the Jackpot Joy ‘Fundation.’ Again I was called upon to help the day become the success that it was. The fine details and meticulous planning by the Fever staff was another insight into the crazy world that PR can be, but also another example of how every day is different. Whilst my friends working in the City were sitting at their desks in the Canary Wharf towers going through endless spread sheets, I was only a few hundred meters away from them, also at work, making sure an inflatable duck made its way to greet Barbara Windsor at West India Dock.

I’m pleased to say that I’m not the only one to worm their way in after a successful stint of work experience – cue some of the Fever work experience hall of fame: Melissa, Dan Wong, Hannah Lynch, Blair and Lauren, who also made the transition.

I can honestly say there hasn’t been a dull moment during my 11 weeks here and I’m looking forward to a big 2013 with Fever, with some really exciting projects, for what looks to be another huge year for the company.


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