A Look at Future Technology with Toshiba and Inition

Another week, another hotly anticipated experiential press event for the Toshiba Encore – the Windows 8.1 tablet optimised for entertainment with apps and free music streaming. This time, we were immersing ourselves into the world of future entertainment technologies with independent gaming production company, Inition.

Toshiba Encore  (5)

Toshiba Encore  (6)

We created a bespoke interactive workshop where attendees had the chance to get a glimpse at the future of gaming technology, enter a virtual reality scene, experience augmented reality and have a go at crowd sourced gaming – all whilst exploring the Encore’s inbuilt features.

Toshiba Encore (8)

Attendees also had the chance to try out 3D scanning, and the Inition team gave a demo showcasing their impressive display of work, including Robbie William’s album cover for ‘Take The Crown’ – the group even had the chance to get the ‘Robbie treatment’ and had their own head scans turned into their very own album cover, check out the pics!

Toshiba Encore  (4)

Inition was formed 12 years ago and through a finely-tuned blend of technological and creative capabilities, has established itself at the forefront of the development gaming scene – leading innovation in the same way that Toshiba innovates its products.

Toshiba Encore  (2)

Toshiba Encore  (1)

Thanks again to the guys from ITN, pcGameware, BT.com and Connected Digital World for coming down!


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