Adventures in Aluminium Jewellery with HTC and Stephen Einhorn

Last night, the HTC team joined forces with celebrated jeweller Stephen Einhorn to put on an exclusive aluminium jewellery-making workshop for some fashion media and bloggers, bringing to life the aluminium unibody boasted by the new HTC ONE. Joining us were Cosmopolitan, Fashionista Barbie, Abimarvel, Huffington Post and Styloko.

Stephen and his team are known worldwide for their outlandish high-end designs that have led them to be commissioned to create work for movies such as last year’s Snow White and the Huntsman and have seen their creations worn by Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Depp and Eva Green. Occasionally even incorporating pieces of 2,000 year-old wood from Roman ruins, the studio produces unique and distinctive pieces that are prized by fashionistas and celebrities alike.

In a three-hour masterclass (suitably rounded off  with bubbly), Stephen and his team took our guests Online Casino through the process of creating an aluminium ring, from furnishing them with intimidatingly empty workbooks to finally adding the sprue that allows the metal to be poured into the mould. Presented with a generic wax block, each of the attendees was shown how to saw, chisel, sand and engrave their way to bringing their designs to life – resulting in some very distinctive designs that are now winging their way into casting with aluminium.

This was a unique insight into the seldom-seen behind-the-scenes environment of a jeweller’s workshop, and Stephen and co. put on a great experience for the guests – who spent just as much time feverishly tweeting and Instagramming on the HTC ONE as they did sawing and whittling!

Click here to see our highlights reel – automatically created by the HTC One from our pictures of the event!


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