Are you a film bluff?

Sometimes you’ve just got to go with a hunch and when we started brainstorming ideas for the 70th Anniversary of Casablanca, insight from the team threw up just that. Cue, a survey on just how many people tell porkies about the films they’ve seen. The result was a staggering quarter of all Brits said they had told such an untruth! Why? To sound more cultured, intelligent, romantic, to help in job interviews, at university, to impress friends…unbelievable! And the most fibbed about flick was in fact, Casablanca.

As our good friends at Empire Magazine commented “What amazes us is how skilfully people have learned to pretend to have seen these films, wouldn’t it just be easier to watch them? They are actually pretty good”. Hear, hear!

Check out some of the coverage which ran in The Sun and Sun Online and The Daily Telegraph and Telegraph Online.


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