Batman and Beyond. . .

To kick off the launch of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray and DVD, team Fever have spent this week travelling the length and breadth of Britain with two of the most iconic vehicles from The Dark Knight Trilogy in tow: the beastly Batman Tumbler and slick Bat Pod bike.

The excitement started on Monday at The Trafford Centre in Manchester, where the mammoth Tumbler was causing a stir as the must-see stop off of the day. Shoppers gathered in their hundreds from the crack of dawn to the close of late-night shopping to catch a glimpse of the famous version of this Batmobile, which stood pride of place in the main hub of the shopping centre. A few lucky kids and very excited superfans even got the chance to sit on the mighty wheel for a picture posing as Batman himself, and the Fever guys didn’t pass up the opportunity to hop inside the tank-like Tumbler to experience the superhero cruiser first hand.

The week has continued with a tour of the Bat Pod bike, made famous by Christian Bale’s Batman and taken on as the ride of choice by Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. No average motorbike, the Bat Pod has been standing pride of place in the head offices of ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco with employees turning up in droves to stand in awe of ‘Batman’s actual bike… the real one… from the film!’

The fun’s not over yet though! This Saturday the Tumbler will be appearing at Westfield London for one day only. For all the Batman superfans and movie buffs out there, this is a real chance to see a piece of movie memorabilia in the flesh. Don’t miss the photo opportunity of year between 9am and 10pm this weekend.


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