What’s Hot?

This week’s What’s Hot from our team at Fever is a little different.

We want to always showcase a diverse range of people, places, events and experiences through our content. However, this week we wanted to showcase and celebrate some of the amazing creators, books, videos, podcasts and tweets some of our team have been using to help educate themselves and become informed allies of Black Lives Matter.

The accounts you need to follow: Instagram’s black artists

Art is a great way to look at things from, quite literally a different perspective.

So if you are on the hunt for a way to brighten up your Instagram feed, searching for new artwork for your home or looking to diversify your world view, this one is for you.

By engaging with creators with different experiences to your own, who may have been held back in their own careers due to the way they look, you can achieve all of the above and support others and their art. Check out this Instagram post, and the accounts tagged in the comments below it, to find your new favourite artist.

The book you need to read: Girl, Woman, Other

This book allows you to understand modern British life through the lens of a dozen people, ranging across generations and social classes. Mostly women, black and British, their stories of relationships, families, and friends show you the differences and similarities apparent in all of our lives.

The video you need to watch: Black Lives Matter

Whether you were able to make a financial donation or not, you can help Black Lives Matter by watching this video. Share the video, watch the video, leave it running, start it again, set it on a loop. It’s time to press play ⏯️

The podcast you need to listen to: The Speakeasier with June Sarpong OBE  

June Sarpong OBE is an excellent voice to turn to when trying to understand diversity issues: Not only is she director of creative diversity at the BBC, but she’s also literally written a book on it.

The podcast covers racism in the UK, with June reflecting on her childhood in Walthamstow (“before it became all coffee shops”), but it also examines how the term ‘BAME’ has made its way into the mainstream through COVID-19 and BLM. June discusses women’s earning potential, and the way that facts are presented to us skewed, and finally offers insight into how we can improve diversity in creative industries.

The tweets you need to see: SolidariTEA

It’s not often that we see competitive brands back each other up, which is why we loved the SolidariTEA we saw this week. After a Twitter user celebrated that Yorkshire Tea was yet to announce support of BLM, the brand asked them to no longer drink Yorkshire Tea. After another account replied announcing they were switching to PG Tips, the second brand tweeted back, supporting Yorkshire Tea and BLM – and advising the user to find two new tea brands.


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