What’s Hot?

Two houses, both alike in (a lack of) dignity; Number 10 and Casa Amor have been running hot this week; the goss, the egos, the SCANDAL. Our inner politics nerd and inner reality TV junkie have been battling out what to watch daily…what a week.


So, without further ado, as we look ahead to an apocalyptic heatwave, we’ve pulled together the hottest things that have caught our eye this week at Fever Towers. From footy to high fashion, The King to No. 10’s court jester feast your eyes on what we’ve been loving this week.


We’re loving the Lionesses’ roar: Women’s EUROs


This week the Women’s EUROs kicked off in England for what is set to be yet another huge step forward in the profile of women’s football in the UK, Europe and globally. While the week started with the sad news that Alexia Putellas had dropped out of the Spain squad with an ACL injury, the tournament itself started with a bang as hosts England beat Austria 1-0.


We’re looking forward to football fever gripping the nation as England – one of the key favourites – hopefully make their way to glory! The tournament was last hosted in the UK back in 2005 when just eight teams competed, and the tournament was limited to the north-west. This time, stadiums across the nation will host 16 teams and every match is being broadcast so fans get watch from home. And we are here for it.


With the Rugby League World Cup also taking place in the UK later this year with inclusivity at its heart, helped by a men’s and women’s double header final, it’s a great year for sporting events in the UK that champion female athletic excellence.


Good luck to our Lionesses.


From Paris, to the Ukraine, with love: DIOR subtly pays tribute to Ukraine at PFW 


Dior presented its Haute Couture Collection for FW22 at this month’s Paris Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by Ukrainian artist, Olesia Trofymenko. At the heart of the collection lies the artist’s interpretation of the tree of life – a motif Dior described as “symbol of the connection between cultures, mythologies and all forms of creation”.


The collection explores the connection between religion, art and fashion and celebrates traditional Ukrainian silhouettes with embroidery, patchwork and geometric patterns. It’s great to see one of the most celebrated fashion houses embrace Ukrainian culture in a way that feels sensitive and authentic.


Can’t Help Falling in Love with Elvis 


I bloody love Baz Luhrmann. The Red Curtain Trilogy is one of the best things to happen to cinema like, ever, so I’ve been excited about Elvis ever since the announcement all those years ago. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.


Featuring the classic kookiness of Luhrmann, Elvis tells the story from the perspective of ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker (whom we hate, by the way), played by Tom Hanks (whom we love). Throughout the 2hr30mins (!!), there’s an unnecessarily high number of clown appearances, original songs by Doja Cat, Eminem and Måneskin, and for some obviously unknown and totally not suspicious reason, very little mention of the age difference between Elvis and Priscilla.


But let’s get to the juicy stuff. And by that, I mean the absolutely stellar performance from Austin Butler. The OGs have known all about his greatness ever since Hannah Montana back in 2006, and we’re glad that the whole world now gets to appreciate it. Butler has always been an Elvis fan, it was his dream role, and his dedication to it truly shows – even his normal speaking voice has now slightly changed, due to the two years of impersonating Elvis 24/7. Several of the songs in the film have been re-recorded by him, with Trouble and Unchained Melody are the biggest standouts, with the latter really making you question whether it’s Austin or Elvis himself.


It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s camp – what else can ya ask for? Go and see it immediately.


Buy-one-get-58-more-resignations-free aka Chaos with Boris Johnson


There are some days in history that cause Peak Twitter, those days when the nation’s productivity flatlines because Twitter is just too damn funny. Big Jet Live springs to mind as one such mesmerising day on the feed. And this week delivered another special day – don’t worry we’re not going to get too political, we’re just going to bask in the glory of the Boris Johnson memes.


There’s nothing we can do, so you might as well laugh or you’d cry. If you’re not on Twitter, or somehow managed to miss all the dramz, the Fever team has done the job for you and pulled together the crème de la crème of tweets from the last few days. Sit back, grab a Prosecco and remember – under no circumstances is this a party.


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