Bringing you a love-ly story this Valentine’s Day…

Ladies it would seem the fellas aren’t quite as confident as you’d expect when it comes to the field of dating – and they’re in need of some serious coaching! Quelle surprise? A poll we carried out as part of our work on the DVD release of Crazy, Stupid, Love this month has found a staggering 42% of men would seek professional help to aid them in getting a date, by using a professional pick up artist.

Much like Cal, Steve Carrell’s character, a lack of confidence and self-doubt mean they rely on the suave skills of someone in the know like lothario, Jacob, played in the film by the gorgeous, Ryan Gosling (hope you like the picture!!)

As part of the release, Fever has been working with a professional pick up artist that goes by the name of ‘Mini’ for the dating service, Mini has been shadowing journalists and students on the street to help them secure a date – check out this piece in the Daily Star Sunday.

Not only are men seeking love, those that are divorced are actively in search of a new Mrs, with 47% saying they’d marry again compared to just 20% of female divorces… proving they’re certainly not once bitten, twice as shy. Check out the full Mail Online article here!


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