What’s Hot 05/02

This week we’re matching with doughnut boyfriends on Hinge, waiting for the next Instagram update, angrily tweeting about the Golden Globes, and listening to Houseparty’s studious sibling. We also made a cocaine map of the world. All in a week’s work, right?

The Valentine we all need: Doughnut Time

“This Valentine’s Day will be a little different to usual” an Instagram ad told me this week. I couldn’t help but think I was the wrong target audience. Yes, my Valentine’s Day will be a little different. But not because my paramour and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy some form of fine-dining experience. No, my Valentine’s Day has traditionally consisted of gathering all my single friends and enjoying the M&S Meal Deal for Two. So yes, I could still do this, however on a slightly smaller scale.

The next day I saw a different Valentine’s Instagram post, which had, through the magical Instagram algorithm, found its perfect audience in me. Doughnut Time’s Valentine’s campaign involved creating four “Doughy Dudes” on Hinge. Four of their most famous doughnuts were given personalities, bodies, and their very own Hinge profiles, to match with girls across London for the chance to win delicious prizes.

I couldn’t help but wonder, is it finally time I spend Valentine’s Day with a dishy dude?

The one trying to keep up: Instagram

It looks like Instagram is looking to copy TikTok for the thousandth time… The platform is testing a new vertical feed for stories, much like its least favourite competitor. If you’re wondering what that means, it’s scrolling down rather than sideways to flip to your next story. To be honest, it’s weird Instagram is only testing this now, as it was always sort of weird that the feed was a scroll-down situation while stories were tap-right. Reels are also a scroll down situation (just like TikTok).

Hurry up and pick a lane, Instagram.

The snub we need to talk about: I May Destroy You

First, let’s get this out the way: Yes, I hated Emily in Paris, but also, I watched every episode. But watching every episode of something does not make it excellent television – I enjoyed the show because I laughed at it, because it was silly, it was the mindless escape I needed through lockdown. If we were to hold other shows to the same standard, then we could also call Married at First Sight Australia, Sugar Rush Kitchen, and Golden Balls “excellent television”. But we won’t.

On the other hand, 2020 also brought us Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You, which looked at the aftermath of a rape. It was complicated and painful, but managed to interject humour and love into the story.

And yet, Emily In Paris was nominated for two Golden Globes this year, and I May Destroy you received zero. Emily in Paris writer Deborah Copaken even took to Twitter and the Guardian to discuss the injustice, questioning just about everything. Is the issue that Hollywood still has a race problem? Or that sexual assault is still seen as too taboo? Or is the Golden Globe committee just out of its bloody mind?

The map you need to see (that we got to make): Zero Zero Zero

OK maybe it’s not cool to talk about your own stuff but we are so excited we don’t care! This week, Now TV launched new show ZeroZeroZero, and we celebrated by creating a supersized world map out of 000 flour, showing the gram-for-gram equivalent of cocaine consumed in London every week: 161kg. The artwork takes inspiration from the tagline of the book behind the show, — “Look at cocaine and all you see is powder. Look through cocaine and you see the world”.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the path the cocaine takes to wind up in the big smoke, ZeroZeroZero is now streaming.

The one you’ve been wondering: What’s Clubhouse?

It feels like suddenly Clubhouse is… everywhere. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s sort of like Houseparty’s studious, country-club sibling.  While most modern social networks see photo as king, clubhouse is audio-based, meaning you can listen into conversations and discussions – it feels a little bit like you’ve tapped into someone else’s secret radio frequency. Except it’s tailored to your interests, whether that’s tech, books, or health. It’s a great tool to listen to experts discuss current topics, however not everyone can tap in – Clubhouse is invite-only, so it’s time to start asking your friends if you can join the club.


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