To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West, Fever’s Entertainment team have been busy braving super spicy recipes and getting creative in the kitchen. The next step was hunting down the UK’s most courageous journalists and bloggers to take on the specially developed DEATH BY FOOD: Burn-out Rib Challenge, in partnership with The Red Dog Saloon.

Inspired by a scene from the film, the DEATH BY FOOD: Burn-out Rib Challenge dares brave foodies to take on three extra-large ribs coated in a hot sauce, that features not one, but four chilli varieties including Nage Viper, Scotch Bonnet, Thai Red and Jalapeno! Each contender is forced to take a 30 second ‘burn-out’ break in between each rib to ensure they feel the full wrath of the spice.

Last week, journalists from Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Daily Star and several London bloggers took on the ‘death’ defying challenge as part of a special preview evening. Those brave enough to face the flaming hot meat had to wear latex gloves to protect themselves from the burn, but this didn’t save them… sweaty, tearful and dribbling, a few contenders failed to complete the challenge. That said, the majority made it through, including our very own team member Bob Carr, who took on and completed the challenge with grace and finesse, as you can see from the photo below…


The challenge has been added to The Red Dog Saloon’s menu for a limited period and is available at both the Hoxton and Clapham restaurants, until 18th October. Those who manage to complete the challenge will be added to the special A Million Ways to Die in the West DEATH BY FOOD Wall of Fame. Try it if you dare!



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