Don’t Let Your Driving Skills Slide in the Snow

With Britain in the midst of a big freeze, Fever’s Mercedes-Benz team have been busy preparing for the bitter days ahead with the specially designed Winter Driving Course run by the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy.

We all know how dangerous ice and snow on the roads can be and unfortunately we’re not always prepared with the best driving skills to tackle those scary skids and slides. So we decided to challenge one brave journalist from the Daily Express to test her driving skills on the ‘black ice’ skid circle on the Academy’s specialist tracks down at Mercedes-Benz World, and it turns out she had lots to learn too!

After taking to the tracks in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Sophie Donnelly was coached through a series of exercises and was transformed from a regular every-day driver to a winter driving superstar and is now far better prepared to control a car on the ice and snow.

Check out the Sophie’s experience in the Express feature here and learn some valuable Top Tips for Safe Winter Driving.

Other coverage for the Winter Driving Course includes features in The Sunday TelegraphFemale FirstMaleXtra and regional titles too.

Buckle up and be safe in the snow this week!


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