Drink Wine and Dine

If we were living in NORMAL times, we would currently be celebrating Drink Wine Day (yes it’s an actual day) by enjoying the infamous Fever and Nelson Bostock Cheese & Wine night, revered for its class and sophistication (LOL). 

Alas, these are, clearly, not normal times and whilst we sit (and sit and sit) and wait for the day we can all be reunited to wine together in person (and pig out on delicious cheese), our team of foodie fanatics compiled their fave cheese and wine combos (including some options for those looking for a vegan or non alcoholic fix) to give some inspo for those in need. 


Molly – blue cheese fanatic. 

Saint Agur + Domaine Maby Variations Côtes du Rhône Rouge

Wowwww she fancy. Not really, all hail the French Comte cheese and wine hamper which introduced me to this beautiful red wine. Smelly cheese is my fave and who couldn’t love a blue/red colour combo? 

Joe – get that mould away from me.

Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon & Black Bomber Cheddar 

Even though cheddar is an undeniably basic cheese choice, it’s a classic for a reason and Black Bomber is a cut above the rest with a huge depth of flavour that stands up well to the full-bodiedness of a cabernet sauvignon. 

Cat – seasoned wine taster.

Brie & Chilean Malbec

My favourite cheese has to be brie… creamy, delicious and pairs perfectly with a caramelised red onion chutney. Favourite wine is a little harder because well, SO MANY, but i do love a Chilean Malbec, such a classic yet goes down a treat. Wow now I want cheese and wine. 

Claudia – the hills are alive with wine and cheese. 

Gruyere & Pinot Grigio

It might sound pretentious but my ideal wine & cheese combo is Gruyere and a classic bottle of Pinot Grigio. I’ve never been to Switzerland to live out my Sound of Music fantasies, but I figure that a holiday there probably tastes something like this. 

Meg – feelin funky.

Baron Bigod & Beaujolais 

I’m obsessed with the truffled Baron Bigod from the Funk Cheese Shop (the shop of the people who do that AMAZING cheese bar in Seven Dials. If you’ve not been there, get there as soon as lockdown is over bc it’s unreal). The cheese is a delicious gooey brie with a layer of the most incredible truffle in. *chef kiss* Wine:  I don’t know if it’s supposed to go with it, but my favourite wine is a Beaujolais so that’s what I pair with… anything and everything.

Yla – good sPORT.

Manchego & Tawny Port

I recently had to change my phone’s keyboard shortcuts because everytime I typed “man” it autocorrected to “manchego”. That’s how much I’m talking about manchego. Don’t knock a hard cheese and definitely don’t knock a sheep’s cheese until you’ve tried it. Eat it on bread, smear on some chutney, or – my favourite – dip it in olive oil. Pair it with port, because why the hell not?

Kat – le vegan.


Violife is a great option for everyone who can’t eat cheese or is looking to switch things up! My favourites are their mature cheddar and feta – super versatile and tasty. Whether you’re adding it to dinner, salad or just straight from the bag as a 3AM snack. “But does it even taste like REAL cheese?” you might ask and well no, it doesn’t but I don’t think it needs to. It’s close in taste and texture while still adding its own coconut oily (the main ingredient) ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the table.

Dan – find me suppin.


I’m a fan of Seedlip as a non-alcoholic option – it’s got a really nice taste, doesn’t feel or taste like a cordial or cheap mixer and is a genuinely nice alternative to gin. Shoutout to the herbal one.


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