Dry January? New year new you?

January got all up in our face a little too fast for our liking – how is it nearly February? – and yet here we are, wondering what this year will bring, and what can be done to improve on the last. New year’s resolutions need nurturing and, well, some hardcore determination.

But are we fighting a losing battle? January hits us with the biggest sales, the most depressing day of the year AKA Blue Monday, non-existent funds from the festivities of Christmas (which may be beneficial where resolutions are concerned) and overcrowded gyms. None of it sounds particularly appealing does it? As it happens only 8% of people achieve their resolutions, which seems fair enough when you read Google’s ‘how-to’ list, with tips including ‘make kale chips’, ‘cook lentils’ and ‘steam broccoli’. Awful.

What’s more, the most popular resolutions are either incredibly dull lifestyle choices, or so vague you struggle to know if you’ve achieved them at all. Apparently the top resolutions are;

• Losing weight
• Organisation
• Spend less
• Enjoy life
• Keeping fit and healthy
• Learning something new
• Quit smoking

See what we mean?

A month into 2016, we wanted to see what resolutions were made among the Fever and Nelson Bostock crew. Apparently most of these are still going strong (we call BS).

• Commit to and do less in my social life, FOMO is so 10 years ago.
• Learning new cake decorating and pickling skills – (we all very much support this in the office)
• Cook one new recipe a week
• Read at least two books every month
• Get fit
• Making the most of my 30th Birthday celebration
• Making lots of memories – (could this be more vague?)
• Eating (and drinking) less
• Improve my photography skills
• Dry January, no alcohol
• Not to be such a “yes-man” and say no to an invite from time to time
• Wash my clothes more – (WTF?)

We also found a lot of anti-resolution-ers who do not believe in committing themselves to a resolution…

“I tend not to make resolutions as I always fail; being in the NBG office means an abundance of sweet treats and temptations.”

“I actually don’t like New Year resolutions. Well, I do and I don’t. They’re good because they give people a reason to change something they’re not happy with. But hopefully most people realise they can make changes whenever they want to. More power to you, but don’t think just because it’s a New Year thing you have to go with it – do whatever you want to do. Also, don’t even think about asking me to sponsor you.”

Good points well made. Why set yourself up for failure when January is miserable enough? And why does it take the New Year for you to set yourself a goal?

If the resolutions we’ve made have really been stuck to, so far at least, then we’re patiently anticipating a more relaxed, cultural, well read, fun, clean and skillful office. Chances are we’ll become part of the 92% necking beer in The Sun and Canton in manky t-shirts while discussing Geordie Shore. What can you do?


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