Dusk Until Dawn: Week 2

Last week HTC kicked off an exciting photography project partnering with the world-renowned photographer and film-maker, Poppy de Villeneuve. The campaign, My Life: From Dusk Until Dawn, is a nationwide search for the photos which best capture the UK between the magical hours of dusk and dawn.

The first week of the Twitter campaign was themed ‘My Location’ and over 5o entries were uploaded to @HTC_UK using #DuskUntilDawn. Poppy has selected her favourite top ten stunning images from the consumer entries and it is now down to the public to vote for the most unique and exciting ‘My Location’ photograph. Check out some entries below and vote on Twitter here.

Monday saw the opening of the second week of the project, with this week’s theme being ‘My Friends’. Don’t miss Poppy de Villeneuve uploading her very own photographs of friends to inspire us all on how to take beautiful and interesting portraits of friends and capture images which represent friendship.

For all the keen and budding photographers out there, why not enter your own ‘My Friends’ images for the chance to win an HTC One S and even a trip to photograph the Northern Lights. Enter at @HTC_UK using #dusktuntildawn.


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