Earth Day x Jaybird

On Sunday 22nd April, our world was celebrated by humans across the globe in a bid to drive awareness of the impact we’re having on the environment.

Jaybird supported Earth Day this year by releasing special limited editions of their RUN wireless sport headphones, with 10% of all sales going to the UK charity 2 Minute Beach Clean, who are dedicated to keeping our beautiful British beaches clean.

Can you imagine anything better than running along a pristine beach listening to the most glorious music? Or jogging through inspiring cityscapes without worrying about pollution? Our environment has such a profound impact on us and can be the world’s best motivation to get us out there running and exploring what is just round the corner and the next corner….

The very thought got us all excited so we reached out to some of Instagram’s most influential runners in the UK to see if they could help us spread the word about Earth Day and Jaybird’s initiative.

Everyone was eager to get involved with the cause and created quite a buzz of conversation on the day, which lead to more people getting in touch asking how they could get involved too!

Sophie Radcliffe, Ben Mounsey, Jack Atkinson, Aaron Seldon, Ricky Lightfoot, Jack Schofield, Jemma Lewis and more created some stunning content which saw a lot of really positive conversation on the day and continued later into the week.

In total we had 13 influencers involved whose posts reached 383k people with an engagement rate of 30%.

There is so much to inspire us in our environment, let’s keep it that way!


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