Fever Culture Club: Exploring the power of CUTE

After another busy day at Fever HQ, a handful of the team made our way to Somerset House to immerse ourselves in the latest curated exhibition celebrating the theme of cuteness in contemporary culture: CUTE.

In an increasingly chaotic and overwhelming world, it’s no wonder that cuteness has become a cultural phenomenon that captivates us all. As we walked into the exhibition, we were transported into a world where everything is designed to make our hearts skip a beat and bring smiles to our faces. From the presence of emojis to the comforting plushie toys, the concept of cute is explored in depth at this exhibition. 

Curated by Claire Catterall, this landmark exhibition delves into the irresistible force of cuteness in contemporary culture, examining its pervasive influence on our lives.

Meow Mix: diving into the world of playful kittens and Hello Kitty

As we walked further, we were presented with kittens; from charming illustrations portraying them as playful and mischievous creatures with big eyes and fluffy fur to an assortment of ceramic felines characterised by elongated necks and oversized ears.

Next, we were greeted by a celebration of the beloved Hello Kitty to commemorate her 50th anniversary, a cultural icon beloved by many, with dedicated displays and even a disco dedicated to Hello Kitty. 

Beyond the surface: cuteness in the digital age

Beyond our Instagram-friendly ideas of cuteness lies a deeper side of cute and its power and significance in modern society. From the vulnerability depicted in the ‘Cry Baby’ exhibit to the playful nostalgia of ‘Play Together’, the exhibition delved into the many sides of cuteness. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of “CUTE” is its examination of how cuteness has evolved in the digital age. Emojis, with their expressive faces and endearing charm, have become our universal language of cuteness, transcending barriers of culture and language. 

But cuteness isn’t just confined to the digital realm. The exhibition showcased how artists across various mediums have embraced and reimagined the cute aesthetic, from paintings and sculptures to immersive installations. 

As the exhibition unfolded, it became clear that cuteness is far more than a superficial aesthetic. It’s a powerful force that shapes our perceptions, influences our behaviour, and reflects the values of our society. It’s a language that transcends age, gender, and background, uniting us all in a shared appreciation for the adorable.

It’s not just about making things look pretty — it’s about shaping our perceptions, influencing our behaviour, and reflecting the values of our society.

Cute creativity: how it works in PR 

Now we’ve recovered from all that cuteness, it’s clear to see CUTE is a great demonstration of how brands can harness the power of adorable aesthetics to capture audiences and evoke emotional collections. Hello Kitty is a great example of this. By tying into the celebration of Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, the brand was able to showcase the enduring appeal of cute characters. 

Exhibitions are a tactic other brands (like Disney, with its Disney100: The Exhibition to mark 100 years of magic) are using to mark significant moments. These events bring to life and highlight their cultural impact and place in society in a visual, informative way. By tapping into universal themes, brands can create content that resonates deeply with consumers, fostering brand affinity and loyalty.



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