Fever Does The X Factor

What do you get if you combine a karaoke machine, a fancy dress box brimming with obscure costumes, 3 ‘X factor judges’ and the whole of Fever? Answer…Fever does the X Factor! With categories spanning movies, guilty pleasures and Halloween, the performances were bemusing, baffling, brilliant and downright bonkers.

The’performance of the night’, scoring a perfect 10 from all the judges, was John Megaughin’s performance of Beyonce’s ‘Single ladies’ complete with long flowery dress and wedding veil (see picture above). The lucky man was surrounded by a harem of dancing Fever ladies who at the end showed their appreciation of his performance by smothering him in red lipstick laden kisses! The judges even stepped into the spotlight with Bruce ‘Simon Cowell’ McLachlan closing the show with a fabulous rendition of ‘Ice Ice baby’, giving the only opportunity ever to critique the music mogul and tell him we just didn’t think he had the X Factor…


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