Fever Has Started A New Trend: Smoasting!

When it comes to holidays abroad, us Brits are not afraid to brag – checking into exotic locations, status updates boasting of time in the sun or uploading pictures of jet-setting adventures. We’re all guilty of using our social media channels to brag shamelessly about how much fun we’re having, whilst everyone else is stuck back at home chained to their desks. Well at long last Fever has invented a PR term for those immodest addicts that incessantly plague us … [wait for it]  Smoaster – which stands for Social Media Boaster!

To launch T-Mobile’s new Internet Travel and Broadband boosters T-Mobile carried out a survey which found that Brits like to do nothing more than show-off online whilst abroad, with four in ten of us logging onto Facebook and Twitter at least once a day whilst away.

The research also revealed that 45% of us are guilty of tagging ourselves in locations deemed glam – check out the Fever girls doing just that below, cue the fixed smiles, doctored locations and of course sunkissed glow! With 60% of us posting messages about our holiday online, we couldn’t help but wonder why we are such social media braggers?

Behavioural  Psychologist Jo Hemmings got to the root of craze at our T-Mobile radio day by explaining that “posting updates on social networking sites, while we’re on holiday, is the modern day version of sending a postcard – but of course is much more fun.”

The study, conducted to unveil the UK’s first worldwide bill-shock protection boosters, went down a storm with the media, resulting in fantastic coverage including Mail on Sunday,  Daily Mail Online, Daily Star Online and Cosmopolitan Online. But in addition to all the great coverage, the Smoasting phenomena snowballed into a trend literally overnight, leading to a 10 minute debate on Loose Women and tons of airtime on Capital FM’s breakfast show with Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry.

At the forefront of this trend is the cult of celebrity tweeters including Rihanna, Mark Wright, Tulisa and Victoria Beckham, who love to share their lavish and extravagant lifestyles via Twitter.  With the poll revealing that we smoast to make ex-boyfriends jealous, we can’t help but wonder whether Katie Holmes will be next to turn to smoasting!


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