The Fever machines launch Horizon Zero Dawn in a post-apocalyptic UK

This week, the team have been hard at work launching the new PlayStation exclusive game, Horizon Zero Dawn; a game set in a beautiful, post-apocalyptic world where mechanical creatures have taken over civilisation, and only a few humans remain in primitive hunter-gatherer tribes fighting for survival.

To celebrate the critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive, the team have been selling in images of what some of the top UK cities would look like after the fall of civilisation; in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Images included a fallen Tower Bridge in ruins, an overgrown Edinburgh Castle and Cardiff’s millennium Stadium facing attack from machines rather than rugby fans!

Take a glimpse into what the UK could look like if humanity was wiped out by robots, through the coverage the team has secured across the board including the likes of an interview on the Independent Online, and image galleries on The Sun, Telegraph, Metro & UNILAD.

Fair to say we’ve been wiped out after this week….


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