Fever Reviews – Game of Thrones Season Eight

After 73 episodes of political treachery, countless gruesome deaths and awe-inspiring set pieces, Game of Thrones has come to an end. It’s final episode, “The Iron Throne”, premiered this week and after years of speculating who would take the crown, fans finally got answers.

And just like every other millennial with a Twitter account and 280 characters to fill, the Fever team also had plenty of very strong and mixed opinions about the finale. So, if you wanted to know what a bunch of TV-obsessed PR’s thought about the last ever episode of the biggest show in the world, then read on.

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Thom: “After nearly a decade’s commitment, I was relieved GoT’s ending was handled as well it was. But reflecting on 71 episodes of occasionally jaw-dropping episodes, I realised that I what I loved most about the show was snarky conversation, rather than showy conflagration. While any dragon-fuelled spectacle always took the breath away, the show has always been at its best as a sort of grandiose soap opera, with some of the most deliciously Machiavellian characters ever witnessed on screen waging a war of wits that in the end, was reduced to so much ash.”

Charlotte: “It wasn’t what I expected, but I didn’t know what I expected tbh. I loved Dany’s death as I didn’t see it coming, Drogon’s emotional outburst and burning of the throne had me welling up and Brienne’s true love and respect for Jamie was heart-warming. But I still have so many unanswered questions: Where did Dany go? What is West of Westeros and will the new council members invest in brothels or ships?”

Jade: “When Drogon melted that chair, he also melted my heart – so deep.”

Sarah: “I for one liked it. It couldn’t exactly end on a cliff hanger – it’s the end of the series! But the most distressing scene was that Ghost had half an ear.”

Joe C: “It was obviously very divisive, but in a way I’m quite glad that we ended up with a ‘happy’ ending rather than a more bittersweet bloodbath. I loved the finale and thought it tied things up nicely. Bran the Broken is a hilarious royal title though. ”

Georgia: “I am going to mourn the loss of one of the greatest shows of all time and I thought the last episode was very good – what a satisfying ending. So glad Sansa ended up with a crown especially.”


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