Fever – What’s Hot?

The four-day weekend may not be exactly what you were expecting, but we’re still hoping to sunbathe, eat Easter eggs and ‘attend’ pub quizzes. If the weather isn’t looking hot enough for you, we’ve gathered the hottest items below to keep you culturally satisfied.

This week, we’re escaping to faraway islands, having a #tbt to World War II, and distinguishing between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

The show you need to watch: Dad’s Army, apparently

When times get tough, we often reflect on the past as a form of escapism. But we never thought anyone would try to escape to World War II. Here we were, nostalgic for February evenings in the pub, and some people are apparently trying to live in 1968 – the glory days of Dad’s Army. This article is well worth a read, as it offers a nice insight into what we’re all watching inside our homes (besides Tiger King).

The escape you need: Animal Crossing

Seeking sanctuary? Imagine a deserted island completely under your control, that you can visit whenever you want. There’s no urgency on the island, no noise, and importantly, you’re not breaking any social distancing rules. Airlines may be grounded right now, but you can still visit this idyllic island via Nintendo Switch. Children and adults alike are jumping on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons hype, and who can blame them? It’s so damn cute.

The trend you need to avoid: Mugshots

The real answer to “What’s hot?” this week is: Not being a complete moron.

Honestly, who on earth thought this was a good idea? A new trend on TikTok sees people posting fake mugshots, including bruises and bloody noses. Those posting the images probably see them as a harmless way to demonstrate their make-up artist ability and have their friends comment on how cute they look, even with mascara down their face. However, there’s been huge backlash, due to a lack of awareness around police brutality.

The app you need to download: Fender Play

For those lucky enough to have free time right now, lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill; whether that’s perfecting your sourdough starter, practising your Blinding Lights dance moves or picking up a new instrument. Fender has made it easier than ever to channel your inner Slash by offering a three-month free offering of their subscription app, which offers step-by-step videos to teach people how to play guitar, bass or ukulele. The endless variety of songs and genres available to choose from also means that it’s great for people who can already strum a tune, allowing players to expand their skills and show off their talent to friends by moving from level to level. If zoom pub quizzes are bringing out your competitive side, we’ve found you a whole new arena…

The new breed of influencers you need to see: Lookfantastic’s self-employed stars

Coronavirus has truly divided brands into two categories: The haves and the have nots. Those who have supported workers and customers, and those who have treated both unfairly. Today we’re talking about what’s hot, so obviously we’re celebrating a ‘have’ brand: Lookfantastic.

Lookfantastic has extended its influencer programme, to include out of work independent salon owners, nail technicians and make-up artists. Going to the edge has been a popular tactic in the past, with companies such as Avon utilising everyday women as salespeople. After all, who hasn’t asked their friend/neighbour/ strange on the street “What mascara are you wearing?” Lookfantastic’s campaign not only offers out-of-work beauticians a new revenue stream but is also offers the public real-world beauty expertise. Win-win.


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