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This week we found out over a third UK adults are single, so we’re sharing a bright side to the ‘first couple pic’ trend, encouraging you to spend some time with Tarts, and finding out what’s making us feel overwhelmed and annoyed.

Also, in our Fever Five this week, we have influencer marketing tips, an easy social win, and the only thing we want boarding a flight from North America right now – an Instagram platform update.

The app you need to download: Tarts

Instead of obsessing over our daily horoscopes, the ever-dwindling supplies of instant coffee, or the prospect of losing another virtual quiz, this week we’ve been loving an unassuming new app named ‘Tarts.’ Packaged up neatly in a pastel-coloured and easy-to-use interface, you can find positive news stories, key global celebrations, historical bites and food recipes ranging from stuffed buckwheat crepes to pea soup. Who knew that Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer Prize happened on the same day as the Apollo 16 launch? Not us, until yesterday! Austrian developer Max Czernin writes “Just remember – There’s Always Reason To Smile!”, and after just a few days using this app, we have to agree. Those wishing to combat feelings of pessimism, distraction and a general lack of motivation are also encouraged to submit their own happy stories, to spread a bit of joy to others in these uncertain times.

The social media trend 35% of us need to avoid: Uploading your first couple pic

According to the ONS, around 35% of those over 16 in the UK are single. So safe to say the social media trend of uploading your first couple pic is getting over a third of us pretty pissed. That said, it has some perks – seeing what your colleague’s partners look like, finding out that your sixth-form crush is still dating that girl from another school (we’re not bitter, it never would have worked out anyway), or trying to work out  if it REALLY was six months between your ex splitting with you and getting with that new girlfriend, or much sooner.

It could also be a great way for brands to secure engagements, particularly in a time where creating new content is difficult. Why hasn’t Disney posted the first ever cartoon of Minnie and Mickey? Why isn’t Rolo re-using the first ever ‘last Rolo’ advert? Where’s an old Jack & Coke photo? It’s not too late to jump on the trend – if your brand has existing content that either plays on romance or a famous pairing, get them on the ‘gram.

The article you need to read: Influencer currency increases

Recently, the media has been filled with stories of influencers struggling. Those hit particularly hard by self-isolation include travel and adventure influencers, who’ve  gone from hammocks on the beach to a single bed at their parent’s house.

We think those articles are hugely underestimating influencers. They’re not just the next evolution of a Lonely Planet travel guide; a source of pretty pictures and travel tips. They’re content creators, and the brilliant thing about influencers is that they just never seem to stop creating. In a time where studios are shut, photographers are stuck inside, and products are locked up in offices, brands need content creators more than ever – so don’t count influencers out just yet.

The market you need to know is flooded: Instagram Live

According to Buzzfeed, use of Instagram Live in the USA has risen by 80% during self-isolation. It’s currently a great time to use influencers, but  you still need to be careful about the tactics you use.  The Buzzfeed article includes consumer feedback on the current flood of Instagram Lives, with people generally feeling overwhelmed or annoyed (with workouts the key exception) with the increase and sheer number of lives they see on their feed daily.

The platform update we need in the UK: Instagram helps small businesses

Facebook has announced changes to Instagram designed to help small businesses in the US and Canada facing difficulties in the current climate, including features to help with gift cards, online food orders and fundraisers. These features will be hosted on profiles and also within stories, with stickers making it super easy for customers to help small businesses.

British Twitter has had a field day supporting local businesses, with users claiming they are “single-handedly stimulating the local economy” by buying their week’s groceries at a corner shop, or calling themselves “a champion among the local Italian community” because they’ve ordered a pizza twice this week. There’s no doubt that if this Instagram feature made it across the pond, local economies and heroes will thrive. Even if people can’t travel around the world right now, we’re certain that good ideas can.



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