Gangnam Style Identity Thief . . .

To launch the home entertainment release of hilarious American comedy Identity Thief, we’ve been hanging out with Gangnam Style Star impersonator, Denis Carre. Following his party gate crashing moments of fame disguised as Korean pop sensation Psy, including walking the red carpet at Cannes, we decided to find out how he became the ultimate identity thief. We approached the man of the moment and negotiated for him to conduct some media interviews detailing his experiences as an Identity Thief with great coverage results in the Huffington Post and pokies free online Love It.

In addition to this, we worked with super blogger Giovanna’s World, creating an alternative identity for her, as she spent a day performing her dream job… She chose to be a zoo keeper, and posted a series of blogs about what she got to up to her 30,000 subscribers and 125,000 Twitter followers.

As part of the campaign, we’ve also secured some great talent interview features with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy with, Shortlist, Sport, Star and Closer.


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