Get Your Boogie On with Epicboom: The Ultimate Summer Speaker

Logitech’s latest must-have adventure and party accessory – is the Epicboom. It’s not just another portable speaker: it’s your ticket to turning up the volume on unforgettable summer memories. With tons of portable speakers out there, we teamed up with Logitech to make sure Epicboom wasn’t just another face in the crowd. 

We briefed top-tier media to launch the Epicboom and get it in front of discerning music-loving consumers, securing a swathe of launch coverage and reviews across tech and consumer titles. Hits included T3, Stuff and TechRadar.   

To highlight key product USPs – such as its durability and waterproofing, outdoor Boost and 17-hour battery life – we teamed up with adventure-loving influencers to share how the product paired with their outdoor escapades. One highlight – Anna Blackwell, an adventure enthusiast – took her Epicboom on a paddle boarding day in the scenic landscapes of Scotland. Imagine the thrill of cruising the Lochs with your favourite tunes; the Epicboom isn’t just a speaker; it’s the soundtrack to your adventures.

Sian Lewis, award-winning travel and outdoors writer and author, held an Ultimate Ears Epicboom giveaway which saw over 900 people enter. She emphasised how the Epicboom “offers 360° immersive sound and 17 hours of battery life” which allows you to roam. 

To showcase the speaker’s technical prowess, we teamed up with four dynamic YouTubers and sent them the Epicbooms to gauge their honest opinions on the product. Their reviews, ranging from in-depth analyses to ASMR unboxings, highlighted the Epicboom as the latest addition to the “heavy-duty portable speaker hype,” (as one partner, Smart Home Sounds, pointed out).

Here’s the lowdown on what we achieved:

  • Landed coverage with nine major outlets on launch day including Stuff, T3 and TechRadar.
  • Secured 30+ pieces of coverage for Epicboom overall since launch.
  • Reaching an incredible total of 711,273,724 people.
  • Joined three influencers on their adventures.
  • Secured reviews with four YouTubers, with content shared across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. 
  • Potential reach for social media activation over 350,000

As we wait for warmer days, we’re excited to continue the momentum for Epicboom and showcase that it’s the perfect speaker for any occasion.


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