Picnics in the park with Fever

During June’s Great Outdoors Month, our team at Fever would usually be attending festivals, inviting friends over for BBQs or sunbathing on foreign beaches. With none of these available to us in 2020, (again. SOB) we’ve discovered that we all have one new, shared hobby: Picnics in the park. And with the weather hotter than our overworked laptops, we thought we’d share some of our top picnic picks to inspire anyone heading outdoors for as many meals as possible in the foreseeable future.

So, we’ve collected our team’s favourite recipes for picnics, and there’s something for everyone. Some of us have spent hours perfecting the perfect cocktail or tweaked a cookie recipe five times to get it just right. And Simon appears to have made his up on the spot, but give it a go anyway.

Sausage Roll City

Caroline’s traditional sausage rolls

Its John Torode’s recipe and his top tip is to add water into the sausage mix to make the pastry puff up and it really works! I add softened apple and onions to the sausage meat and swap parsley for sage.

Joe’s Thai style sausage rolls

In my version, I swapped pork mince and chicken. But the most important part is the double egg wash for the dark colour.

Melt-Free Treats

Molly’s vanilla fudge

Fudge EVERYTHING. Chocolate fudge? Peng. Raisin fudge? Unreal. Oreo fudge? Don’t get me started. Cinnamon fudge? Bang it’s Christmas.

Yla’s cookie bars

The best way to eat chocolate in the sun. I throw in literally any chocolate – this one is smarties, minstrels, and leftover celebrations (which makes this a great thing to bake in January too). I have no idea how Jane bakes this in 18 minutes, mine usually take 25 mins+ and are still super gooey, so don’t be scared to leave it in a little longer.

Simon’s lemon squares

You make a shortbread base from flour, butter and icing sugar and bake for 20mins, then layer a mix of eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest over the top and bake again for 30mins. You get a biscuity base worth of Greg Wallace with a refreshing lemon bake on top.

Literally nothing healthy in them aside from the maybe the lemon.


Coffee & Cocktails

Meg’s Daquiri’s

Chilli and pineapple or mango are particular faves! Need a touch more sugar syrup though…

Ingredients (makes 2)

150g frozen fruit – whichever you want

Lime (squeezed)

50-75ml sugar syrup, depending on how sweet you like it

100ml rum



Blend all the ingredients without ice to make a puree

Sieve out the seeds if using raspberries etc.

Blend a large handful of ice until it’s the consistency of a snow cone

Add the puree to the ice and give it a whizz


Rob’s AeroPress

Always a visual storyteller, Rob’s created a step-by-step guide for the perfect summer’s day coffee:

Step 1: Measure out 17g of coffee beans


Step 2: Grind until the beans have a sandy consistency

Step 3: Pour the ground beans into your AeroPress

Step 4: Fill with hot water and give it a good stir

Step 5: Let it brew for a few minutes

Step 6: PLUNGE

Step 7: Enjoy in the sunshine


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