Hart of Dixie… Uncut!

Another week, another hit US show for the Warner team to sink their teeth into, and we’re super excited to be on board for the launch of Rachel Bilson’s latest fun-loving show, Hart of Dixie.

Starring our favourite style-crush as Dr Zoe Hart, Hart of Dixie is the story of a New York medic-come country town GP in the witty fish-out-of-water drama. Expect small-town living, big-city attitudes and complicated love triangles when the first episode of Hart of Dixie goes live on iTunes on May 1st.

As if Bilson’s enviable style wasn’t enough to keep everyone eager for the brand new show, we’ve managed to get our hands on a hilarious video of her rapping… (yes, we said rapping) in character as Dr Zoe Hart which is guaranteed to get everyone hooked. Proving she isn’t afraid to have a good laugh at herself, whilst showing doctors can be dirty, Rachel’s rendition of ‘Call Me Dr’ is stirring up an online storm. The clip is already going viral and has had the ladies at Sugarscape in stitches… so if you don’t mind a few cheeky expletives, check out Sugarscape’s write-up of the must-see clip here and don’t miss the first episode of Hart of Dixie on Really (8pm, Monday’s) and iTunes next week.


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