Heralding change with HTC and Robert Downey Jr.

Last week, Nelson Bostock Group launched HTC’s new brand-building global advertising campaign ‘Here’s To Change’ that stars Hollywood royalty Robert Downey Jr.  The ad creative marries Robert Downey Jr.’s wit and charisma with HTC’s playful nature to instil the HTC brand name into consumers’ minds.  He takes consumers on a journey to show how HTC can be “whatever you want it to be”, using scenarios that bring to life imaginative word associations based on the letters of the brand name, HTC.  Hipster Troll Carwash, anyone?

The team’s remit was to develop the global communications strategy, coordinate with global and EMEA markets as well as implement in the UK.  The objectives were to ensure that media understood HTC’s new long term strategy beyond the TV ad as well as amplify the creative of the advertising campaign.  This involved a phased approach to tease elements of the story ahead of launch and pre-brief analysts, business and marketing titles to ensure coverage hit when the advertising aired for the first time on YouTube on Wednesday 14th August.  With launch day starts the outreach to lifestyle titles and planning on the next phase of the campaign with Robert Downey Jr.

It’s still early days but the campaign has certainly got the media talking about HTC, with 993 pieces of coverage globally, including notable UK coverage in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Bloomberg TV and CNET UK .  The team is now focusing on coming up with our own HTCs although the chances of us being allowed to build a Humungous Tinfoil Catamaran on the roof of NBG Towers are remote.


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