If you don’t update Facebook with a selfie on the beach, can you still enjoy your holiday?

Resident jetsetter, Senior Account Exec Greg Collins, has just returned from a two week holiday in South Africa. However, with no Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Skype, email, Imgur or Flickr updates, you would never have guessed.

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Greg decided to set himself a challenge/experiment and switch his phone off for the whole two weeks of his holiday. He found the following on his Digital Detox:

  • People don’t engage with you when talking to you: they look at their phone at least three times per sentence. This is rude and very frustrating. please stop it
  • Withholding the urge to NOT update everyone on Facebook/Instagram of your whereabouts and how hot it is doesn’t actually improve your time, it just distracts you from the fact you’re actually on holiday
  • News now comes from your TV, newspapers and word of mouth… Old school!
  • You can go to sleep at night without checking your phone. Honestly it IS possible
  • When returning to Blighty with hundreds of WhatsApp message you feel reassured, like a digital hug. The endorphins flood your brain and you’re now complete again
  • Being without Tinder is hard. In order to interact with a potential soulmate you instead need to turn to real life situations. Bars, local parks and beaches are a good place to start
  • You may be the last to find things out…WTF!? Zayn left One Direction? Seriously, but why? WHY!?

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Dolmio recently introduced a pepper grinder that switches off phones, tablets, televisions and WiFi with one twist. The grinder has been given to mothers to use in an effort to reclaim family mealtimes from the ringing of mobile phones and blare of televisions. You can see the results here.

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Sometimes you really have to “disconnect to reconnect”, try it next time you go on holiday and get some head space!


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