Indie Sleaze

Social media trends come and go… but if you are paying attention at the right time, you might be able jump into more than one viral trend with the brands you work with!

A few weeks ago, we identified a TikTok fashion trend that was picking up growing interest: #IndieSleaze was back! Influencers across the globe were making TikTok videos commenting about the most iconic looks from the 2000’s and we realised that it was just the perfect opportunity for Camden market to showcase their retailers and promote their countless vintage clothing shops.

We partnered with three top-tier influencers to explore Camden market and take part in our fashion challenge: to recreate 3 ‘Indie Sleaze’ looks, spending under £50 on each outfit. The three fashion tiktokkers; Burul (@thisisburul), Elvira (@elvira.styles) and Nikita (@nikitabathia) were amazed with the endless offering of Denim, skirts and leather jackets available at the vintage shops, but also the amazing unique accessories like cowboy boots or retro sunnies that were screaming Indie Sleaze all over the place. ​The influencers picked clothing items from What Comes Around Goes Around, Modfather, Collectif and many other shops to come up with their own interpretation of some famous Indie Sleaze outfits.

@thisisburul was the star of the campaign, her video generated 14,600 views thanks to her creative approach which also triggered many comments about Camden, such as “I need to go to Camden so bad!!”

The outcome? An indie sleaze-tastic activation that achieved more than 25,000 views, 2,000 likes, and just under 1,000,000 reach with only three haul-style videos. Our content creators had a great time exploring Camden market and they successfully contributed to a trend that will drive foot fall to the three Camden markets.

While the campaign was an overall success from an influencer perspective, from our perspective we can only recommend you all to go down to Camden market and live the retail experience by yourselves. Regardless of whether you feel very 2000’s or a bit more 2022…Camden market is definitely the place to head to for a great shopping experience that just might surprise you.


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