The launch of the Aptaclub Christmas Wishes campaign

If you were granted one wish for your baby’s future, what would it be?

Binky Felstead got into the festive spirit this week by making a Christmas wish for her daughter India to celebrate the launch of the Aptaclub Christmas Wishes campaign. The Aptaclub ambassador and new mum placed her wish for India – “Always know how much you’re loved” – onto the tree, before doing a photo shoot and interviews to support the wonderful cause.

Aptaclub’s Christmas Wishes campaign provides parents with the opportunity to make a wish for the future of their little ones, proudly supporting Mummy’s Star, the only charity in the UK and Ireland dedicated to women and their families affected by cancer during pregnancy and shortly after a birth.

Thousands of parents and mummy-to-be shared their wishes on Facebook for their chance to win their wish on a personalised wooden star made from seasoned holly to hang on the tree this Christmas. All the heartfelt wishes can be seen in Aptaclub’s starry night sky.


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