Launching Bounty Hunters – the day we put Jack Whitehall in a tiny car

What do you get when you cross a G-Wiz car, one of the nation’s favourite comedians, a flat-bed trailer and two hilarious influencers? Our Bounty Hunters launch for Sky One, that’s what.

We wanted to mark the launch with speed, style and flashy cars so, naturally, we put the show’s star Jack Whitehall in a G-Wiz and let Thomas Gray x UniLad and YouTuber Stephen Tries ride with him as they conducted interviews. My god it was glamorous.

The lads chatted about what fans can expect from the show, whether Jack would’ve been friends with Freddie Flintoff at school, tossed childish jokes back and forth and even gave some incredibly funny impersonations of Andy Murray and Chris Eubank.

The results took the biscuit with UniLad’s video currently sitting on a handsome 1.4 million views and Stephen Tries vid nearing 400K.

If you haven’t caught either yet then a) sorry to hear you live under a rock, that must be tough to furnish and b) here you go:


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