Logitech’s Logi Play Days Masterclass Series – Nurturing The Creator Economy

At Fever, our commitment to impactful marketing really shines through collaborations like Logitech’s Logi Play Days Masterclass Series. While most brands have some form of influencer channel marketing in their current mix, not many showcase dedication to supporting those creators and that’s where Logitech and the Masterclass Series is different.  

Our Strategic Approach: Nurturing Creator Relationships: The Logi Play Days Masterclass Series was born out of a strategic collaboration between Logitech and Fever, first incepted to find a way to make creator relationships with Logitech stronger and enabling Logitech to talk about new and existing products through creators who truly understand and love the brand. Additionally it offers creators true behind-the-scenes access to Logitech team members to discuss trends, what is coming down the pipeline and what the future looks like for Logitech and creator partnerships. The series not only aims to provide influencers with industry insights but also offered actionable strategies for growth and development, showcasing Logitech’s commitment to nurturing and empowering influencers within their community. 

Key Stats: 

  • Hosted over 300 influencers across 5 events. 
  • Delivered over 400 pieces of creator content. 
  • Achieved an impressive average engagement rate of 3% on creator content. 
  • Conducted over 15 panels featuring influencers, industry talent, and platform specialists. 

As the series unfolded over five quarters, it has become a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and community building, illustrating Logitech’s dedication to fostering a vibrant influencer network. Each event includes insightful panels, product access, competitions and showcases, helping to support the diverse talents within the influencer community, all under the guidance of Logitech and supported by Fever. 

2023 concluded with a festive-themed Masterclass at The Old Joinery in Greenwich. This masterclass celebration was attended by over 100 creators, and exemplified the positive impact of Logitech’s collaborative efforts in fostering a community that extends beyond the digital realm. 

What’s Next? The success of Logitech’s Logi Play Days Masterclass Series underscores the brand’s commitment to empowering influencers. It has shown that Logitech remains dedicated to driving impactful initiatives, continuing to strengthen its bond with influencers and contributing to the growth of the digital content creation community. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Logitech, with Fever’s support, embarks on the next chapter of empowering influencers and shaping the future of influencer marketing. 


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