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This week, we’re reminiscing about life before lockdown, and already planning our first daytrip for when life is back to normal (for some of us, its straight to the V&A). We’re also assessing the 2020 dating scene, sharing the best films of the year, and celebrating Strictly.

The Instagram update that flew under the radar: Archived Stories Map

Has anyone else spent the past few weeks scrolling through the photos on their phone, reminiscing about the life they once had? It’s an activity we did loads in March/April, but slowly took up less of our time… until now? Maybe it’s not just freedom we miss when we look through our photo gallery – it’s our friends, family, the temperature being above zero.

A fun new way to remember BL (before lockdown) is heading into your Instagram Archives. In October, Instagram made an update that now maps your stories across the globe. It’s a useful way to remember holidays, theatre trips and pubs you’ve long forgotten. It’s also a great way to assess if you’re going somewhere too often, or if there are areas of your city you haven’t explored.

Get ready to reminisce and plan your first post-tier-system daytrip.

The data we needed to know: Tinder’s top emojis

The highly anticipated Year in Swipe report came out this week, revealing the shrugging emoji was the most used. Which definitely sums up 2020. Singletons are (mainly) split into two camps:

Serial-daters – She heads from Hyde Park to Clapham Common in one day to attend two socially-distanced dates, with two emotionally-distant boys, before coming home and telling her flatmates she’s found the love of her life. “Which one? Hyde Park or Clapham Common?” She shrugs.

The apathetic – They spend a night swiping through Hinge (ew, they wouldn’t use tinder – they care about personality) once every three weeks or so. They organise a date but cancel mere hours before, realising they’d rather stay in with a bottle of sauvignon blanc than sit in a make-shift beer garden with no heating. Their friends ask, “How will you ever meet someone?” They shrug.

The top ten films of the year: Revealed  

The Independent has reminded us that we can all have nice things, and they’re all within our grasp (with internet access and the appropriate streaming service), revealing the top ten films of 2020.

Warning: This article will make you scream internally, asking “How was Uncut Gems this year?!”

The inclusivity we needed: Strictly claps back

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: WE CAN ALL HAVE NICE THINGS. That’s our pissy reaction to the complaints about last week’s Strictly performance. Last week, three male Strictly dancers dressed in drag to dance to a song from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It was beautiful, it was joyous, it was a celebration of inclusivity – and if you didn’t like it, you can stop reading our blog, thanks.

The exhibition you need to book: Bags: Inside Out

Remember when bags were a fun thing? Something you packed with sunglasses and a kindle before heading to the airport? With M&S tinnies before heading to the races? With your laptop before heading to work? Yes, we’re even missing commuting.

Now, the only bags in my life are the bags under my eyes and the bag for life I trek to Sainsbury’s with to save 10p (and the environment).

But all this is about to change. The V&A is launching Bags: Inside Out, a deep dive into fashion, design and craftsmanship, with some of the words most famous bags on display. If you thought to yourself “Famous bags? No such thing”, then you my friend are mistaken.

What about Carrie’s Bradshaw’s Baguette bag? Jane Birkin’s OG Birkin? Margaret Thatcher’s collection of ‘secret weapons? Yeah. Thought so.

The magazine you need to start reading: Recharged

This week we released the first edition of Recharged, Fever x Nelson Bostock’s magazine dedicated to consumer tech comms. Inside, you’ll find articles from our experts on the issues of the day, what we reckon is coming next, and how we can all get the results we need in an absurdly fast-paced comms environment… You’re welcome.


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