Mange Tout, Rodney, Mange Tout: Only Fools and Horses returns to Peckham!

After what has seemed like an eternity of planning and secret dashes to Peckham, we’re proud as punch to announce our latest campaign… Gold Nelson Mandela House!

We were tasked with marking the 30th birthday of Only Fools and Horses, so Fever decided to bring to life one of the show’s most iconic delights: Del and Rodney’s humble abode. But unlike Delboy’s fake china and hooky gold watches, this recreation was to be the real deal – a real flat, in a tower block, in Peckham – triffic!

Built to scale in one of Peckham’s few remaining high-rise blocks, the interior of the flat has been faithfully recreated using original furniture, props and costumes from the show, including Del’s corner bar, sheepskin coat, Trigger’s blue suit, bottles of Peckham Spring and yes… even THOSE curtains!

It’s only day one of the media campaign but we’ve already secured some truly cushty coverage in the Daily Express, Daily Star, Metro and Mail Online. We’ve also placed blinding interviews with the fabulous John Challis and Sue Holderness – aka Boycie and Marlene! The twosome have gamely stepped back in time to the early 1980s and we’ve already seen them in The Sun, and on This Morning. Lovely jubbly!


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