Q&A: Izzy Hyland-Parys

Izzy joined the Fever team just before Christmas. Just in time for the Christmas party! (funny that). But we love her, and her lists.

A campaign that’s inspired me is… The Crisis homelessness campaign in December, which I found super powerful. The sculpture inspired a new perspective from bystanders and commuters, using a creative artistic twist to create a real emotional impact, and gain great traction for the charity.

My morning social routine is… I try to avoid my phone when I first wake… although I do check (and usually subsequently) ignore any messages from my friends and family as I need 3-4 working days to work out a response.

My cultural jam is going to the cinema to watch the most random array of movies, and constantly buying super expensive books with pretty book covers.

My professional superpower is… writing so, so many lists!

Do you have any hobbies/talents that you keep on the dl? I can read a book in a day – or two (if I’m super busy), not sure if fast reading can count as a talent. I’m also randomly quite good at ice skating, and really want to join adult classes!


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